Oct 19, 2010
Andy's Night Out
Sub Focus - Triple-X [RAM]
Loadstar - Link To The Past [RAM]
Spor - Kingdom [RAM]

The fifth installment of Andy C’s best-selling Nightlife drum n’ bass compilation dropped earlier this month. It’s been over two years since the last Nightlife, but if you’re unfamiliar with Andy and his work, here’s the bottom line: If you like DnB even just a little, Nightlife 5 is definitely worth your time.

With 63 tracks in a little over two hours, it’s a downright frantic mix. Andy C included something for every DnB lover, whether they be an occasional dabbler or hardcore fanatic. The likes of Sigma, Hive, and Spor have bombs all over the vicious tracklist. A good helping of anthems along with a heaping dose of underground releases makes for a fresh and balanced playlist.

With a selection that impeccable, you wouldn’t expect the mixing to be as tight–but yes, it is. Along with UK DnB co-star Friction (I recently posted about him), Andy C is another master of the three-deck setup. There are almost always at least two tracks being played on top of each other in Nightlife 5. As you journey through the mixtape, you’ll be subjected to relentless looping, layering, and of course, double drops; nothing is more intense than getting hit by two mashed-up drops at once.

Andy C is hailed as the world’s greatest DnB DJ, and the easiest way to understand why is to give this compilation a listen. It’s everything sweet that DnB has to offer polished and packaged by the undisputed professional. After being amazed by track after track, it was this particular drop that finally made me lose it after enduring so much violence.

Mr. C is also the co-founder of Ram Records, the label that houses many of the compilation’s artists. With names like Sub Focus, Chase & Status, Noisia, and Loadstar, it’s sure to be a force to be reckoned with well into the future, so keep your eye on them!

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