Sep 27, 2011
Andy's Ill Behavior
Andy's iLL & MDMK - w.c.i.a.f.n. (Original Mix)
The Weeknd - Rolling Stone (Andy's iLL Remix)

OK, where did this guy come from? Well, according to his SoundCloud, producer Andy’s iLL is from Mayhem, Canada–quite the appropriate origin considering the music he makes. Andy’s sound is anything but orderly; it’s full of epic bass drops and heavy grind. Phange reported on him back in July, but now I have a thing or two to say about him and some of his new beats.

Andy’s collaboration with MDMK has spawned their newest single, named w.c.i.a.f.n. While I’m not sure exactly what that stands for, it’s likely an acronym for some string of words meaning “mind rape.” That’s exactly what this track does to you. I know the term “big room” is tossed around a lot, but ho boy is this big room if I ever heard it. It sounds somewhat like Kairo, and is just as crazy. Same story with his remix of Rolling Stone by The Weekend. Very similar drops in both songs, but both equally effective.

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