May 30, 2014
Andrew Rayel Leads Trance’s New Generation With ‘Find Your Harmony’
Andrew Rayel feat. Christian Burns - Miracles [Armada]
Andrew Rayel - Rise Of The Era [Armada]
Andrew Rayel feat. Sylvia Tosun - There Are No Words [Armada]

It’s rare that a talent as captivating as Andrew Rayel rolls around. He’s got more musical training under his belt than 90 percent of his electronic contemporaries, and this is displayed throughout his music in the form of brilliant melodic progressions that are well-suited for even the most high-brow of orchestral settings. It seems the scene is craving this at the moment, considering how quickly Rayel has shot to the top–he’s selling out stages around the world and is now being booked at festivals such as Tomorrowland and Electric Daisy Carnival. With such high demand comes the need for a complete collection of work, and he has delivered this in spades with his debut album Find Your Harmony, out today on Armada Music.

Fans have already gotten a taste of a good group of the tracks on Find Your Harmony, with Dark Warrior, Until The End, How Do I Know, Goodbye, Sacramentum, and Armin collab EIFORYA having already been released to massive critical acclaim. However, the full LP adds 12 new tracks to Andrew’s catalog (including the piano-laden intro and outro), all of which span the best sounds of modern trance. There’s no shortage of brilliant vocalists either, with Christian Burns, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Sylvia Tosun, Cindy Alma and Jwaydan all making appearances.

Standout tracks include the Arabic-influenced Latifa, Rise Of The Era, which many will recognize already from Andrew’s recent sets, and the driving Power Of Elements, a track that contains a piano breakdown that sounds fit for Carnegie Hall. His collaboration with Jonathan Mendelsohn, One In A Million, is perhaps the poppiest of the tracks on the album, but is also one that shows how close trance is sounding to what the mainstream is already listening to–an exciting position for the genre to be in. Sylvia Tosun collaboration There Are No Words sounds like Emmy Rossum meets Lord Of The Rings in the best way possible, while Miracles with Christian Burns has been a fan favorite in Andrew’s recent performances.

If Find Your Harmony is the direction the sound of trance is headed, I think the #trancefamily can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Rayel has arrived to usher in the next generation of fans, and with his unmatched ability to make trance palatable for the big room mainstream, he will perhaps succeed to a level that only Armin van Buuren himself has achieved. Pick up Find Your Harmony now.

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