Jun 28, 2013
Andrew Rayel, Bobina, & The Heart Of Trance
Andrew Rayel & Bobina - Sacramentum (Bobina Megadrive Mix) [Armind]
Andrew Rayel & Bobina - Sacramentum (Andrew Rayel Aether Mix) [Armind]

In case you need a reminder amid a sea of trouse and big room thump, the genre of trance at its definitive core is one of the most “musical” genres in electronic music, with chord progressions and melodic sequences pulled from some of the greatest composers of the Baroque and Classical eras of music. Many trance tracks could easily be transcribed for symphony orchestra with relative ease (that is, if you are an orchestral composer). However, the majority of trance-oriented producers are shying away from this musicality and leaning toward who can bang the loudest, but this is not the case for Andrew Rayel (pictured) and Bobina. Their recent release on Armind, Sacramentum, is easily one of the best trance releases of the decade thus far.

To call the Bobina and Andrew Rayel mixes of Sacramentum chill-inducing would be doing it a disservice. The highly advanced composition of Sacramentum makes it apparent that Rayel and Bobina are coming from a rich musical background, and the bone-rattling intensity demonstrates their ability to use their skills to move the festival-attending masses. The ethereal vocals, the soaring piano, and the grandiose, broken beat breakdown (the latter of which is in the Andrew Rayel Aether Mix) are enough to render anyone hearing the tracks speechless. It’s no wonder that Rayel has been chosen as the biggest up-and-comer of the year by none other than Armin van Buuren. Support the continued advancement of the trance genre and pick up Sacramentum on Beatport.

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