Dec 20, 2012
Andrew Bayer’s Latest Chapter
Andrew Bayer - Gaff's Eulogy (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Andrew Bayer - Gaff's Eulogy (Ryan Davis Remix) [Anjunadeep]

It seems that since the release of his debut album It’s Artificial in 2011, Andrew Bayer has hardly had chance to catch his breath. With a hectic live schedule, including opening for Above & Beyond as part of their Group Therapy Tour, the American producer has somehow managed to finish a second album.

Gaff’s Eulogy is the debut single from Bayer’s forthcoming album, the poignantly titled If It Were You, We’d Never Leave, which he has described as “a retrospective of my life.” It’s tricky to know what to expect given how diverse his previous output is, but this track certainly raises the bar and shows beyond any doubt that we’re dealing with a guy who puts everything he’s got into his tracks. From the lush and beautiful instrumentation to the relaxed, laidback rhythms, Gaff’s Eulogy manages to effortlessly provide a mix of ambient, classical and dance music, and would work as well in a chillout room as it would in a film soundtrack. The production is as sublime as the songwriting, an all too rare combination that leaves little wonder as to why Andrew Bayer is ranked so highly amongst his fans as well as his peers.

Along with a slightly more groove-laden “interpretation” from German producer Ryan Davis, Gaff’s Eulogy is out now on all major download stores and is sure to keep you going through the winter months. With tracks like this, it’s little wonder that anticipation is high for the new album. There’s no release date revealed yet, so keep an eye out for what could rightly be one of the biggest EDM releases of 2013.

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