Nov 25, 2010
And Trance Lived Happily Ever After
Filo & Peri feat Mike Saint-Jules - Far From Reach (Ronski Speed Remix) [VANDIT]

I recently covered Filo & Peri’s release of This Night–a song I had been eagerly awaiting for months after seeing the duo live in NYC. Ever since that night, I seem to see Filo & Peri everywhere–the girlfriend got angry when I mistook her for Audrey Gallagher (This Night‘s sexy vocalist), and my alphabet cereal has even been spelling their name (did I say that out loud?). Given all this, it came as no surprise when I heard a gorgeous track which sent me rushing to find out the producer… and it was Filo & Peri, along with Mike Saint-Jules.

Unlike This Night, there are no vocals in Far from Reach. The track instead focuses on a dramatic ballad-like build-up with an upward chord progression that’s sure to send tingles down your spine. Right when you think it can’t get better, a pointed synth gives us our melody dose, and before we have a chance to brace for impact, the subs are bumping as we achieve liftoff.

Ronski Speed gets credit for this remix; he debuted it during his guest mix on Above & Beyond’s Trance Around The World #346. For now, I’ll keep the spotlight on our duo Domenick Filopei and Bo Pericic–Filo & Peri. Get used to these two, they are a pair that deserve some serious attention.

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