Aug 01, 2010
And The Sexy French Lady Says…
Femme en Fourrure - Dirty Blonde (Raziek Remix) [Discobelle]

Tracks with whispery female vocals in them pretty much up the “sexy factor” of the club by about 50 points. People start getting sweaty and dancing dirty and… well, you get the picture. Good times are had by all.

Femme en Fourrure certainly has the art of whispering sweet nothings in your ear down to a science… though they are from Finland, so I’m not quite sure who is talking on this track, Dirty Blonde. The male/female duo draw influences from Detroit minimal and tech sounds, and have already gotten support from the likes of Brodinski and Sinden.

From the get-go on this track, we get a nice minimal tribal song that flows into a highly syncopated, pitched bassbeat that almost makes you think of Atlanta hip-hop sounds. Then we get the techy sound that we love at 1:43, coupled with some sexy vocals. What’s not to love about that aural concoction?

Of course, Femme en Fourrure can’t get all the credit here – French producer Raziek also had a hand in the silky sound of this track. If this is what happens when these two entities combine, let’s hope this happens again and again. Do you like this track? Let me know!

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