Jul 15, 2010
An Appointment With Afrojack
Afrojack & Gregor Salto feat Jimbolee - I'll Be There (Main Mix) [Wall]

Dutch trumpetman Nick Van Der Wall, aka Afrojack, is back with a new track! Few house DJs in the world can boast such high demand for productions right now. It’s pretty amazing that this guy only starting touring the US a year ago. Just recently, he officially joined the list of elite DJs to mix for Pete Tong’s legendary Essential Mix on BBC 1.

I must admit that I too am a big Afrojack fan. It’s hard to ignore the fact that some of his tracks sound pretty lazy, but at the same time, he’s also one of the only few DJs that somehow manages to gets away with it. While his tracks Cool and Bangduck have identical drops, the beats for both are so deadly that I feel compelled to dive into the Afrojack hype myself. This track is no different. While I’ll Be There incorporates many of the hard driving beats that have already made Afrojack so famous, it sounds too similar to his other productions. It’s almost as if he cut and pasted parts of Pon De Floor and made a new track. Oh well, I’ll still probably go crazy when I hear this at a club with good speakers. Such is the power of Afrojack.

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