Dec 23, 2010
An Angelic Tune
Strobe - Angel (Sebastian Krieg & Roman F Remix) [Big & Dirty]

Want your song to sound good? Get Sebastian Krieg and Roman Freihoff to remix it. From Nadia Ali’s Promises to EDX’s Out of the Rain to Strobe’s Angel, Sebastian and Roman have put the finishing touches (or the full-on reworks) on songs to give them the boost they need. Angel, for one, is the perfect example.

This song really took me by surprise the first time I heard it. The big-room bass sets a smooth groove in the beginning of the track, but wait until the middle and you’ll see the powerful breakdown and emotive chord progression. The buildup is full of energy with an upward rise (think of those Chuckie pitch crank-ups), followed by a humble but smile-inducing drop. This mix sounds nothing like the original, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Keep it up, Sebastian & Roman.

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