May 22, 2011
An Agent of Chaos
Daft Punk - The Grid (The Chaotic Good Remix)
The Chaotic Good - Go Machine (Original Mix)

Today I bring to you an act based out of Lexington, Kentucky. The Chaotic Good, established by producer and DJ Jake Carpenter, has been busy at work churning out original productions and remixes that range from electro house to breakbeat. Sound familiar? Odds are if you’ve heard of TCG, then you’re familiar with their various awards. In 2010, they won the Heineken Remix Contest with Dim Mak Records, came in first place for the Dead Fame Chicago 2010 DJ Competition, and just recently came out on top of the Revv Shop Records 2011 Remix Contest. As evidenced by their resume, The Chaotic Good means business. If you’re down for some chaos, then you can check out TCG in the Chicago area for Rethink Pop Music’s Electric Night Event. As for their productions, let’s see what’s under the hood, shall we?

The very first remix I heard from them blew me away. I’m talking about their remix of Daft Punk’s The Grid from Tron. TCG has taken all the adventurous elements from the original soundtrack and added a dark, electro-ey twist to it. For an original work, be sure to check out Go Machine. The quirky vocal sampling and electro breakdowns are reminiscent of something you’d expect to hear from Skrillex, but still maintaining its own take on the breaks genre. For another really awesome song, I suggest you check out the video link at the bottom of the page–it’s a music video of their intro song, which currently holds the spot for my favorite TCG production. Enjoy!

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