Jan 16, 2015
Amtrac Gets ‘Truly’ Inspired On New Track
Amtrac - Truly (Original Mix)

Kentucky-born producer Amtrac is continually proving that there is more to the mid-western state than fried chicken, and his track Truly is yet another hefty injection of his savory house flavor.

Not to be distracted by the endless parties, sunshine, or even his own performance, Amtrac somehow made the time to create this track during his stay at The BPM Festival in Mexico. It makes a suspenseful rumbling start before a pitched-down Diana Ross sample, taken from her song Reflections, sneaks in with the repeated phrase “through the mirror.” Mid-range piano chords are leveled perfectly with a contrastingly deep bassline and high background drone.

You can download Truly for free off Amtrac’s SoundCloud here.

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