Apr 02, 2014
Amtrac Will Take You Higher With Depeche Mode Remix
Depeche Mode - Should Be Higher (Amtrac Remix)

Amtrac is giving away his remix of Depeche Mode’s 2013 single Should Be Higher to cap off the end of his recent North American tour, which saw the Kentucky native wowing crowds at SXSW and Ultra.

If you’re not so familiar with Depeche Mode (and you probably are, whether you realize it or not), don’t be afraid–this is a grade-A Am-track through and through, with a subtly groovy beat supporting bubbling synth arpeggios and emotive vocals mercilessly bent to the producer’s melodic will. Indeed, Amtrac seems well acquainted with all of the intricacies of his source material, which is demonstrated by the abundance melodic hooks that he’s plucked from singer Dave Gahan’s pipes.

Amtrac’s Should Be Higher remix, along with just about every other track the man has ever released, is available to download for free on Facebook. Believe me, you’ll want to snag ‘em all. Check out a live performance of Depeche Mode’s original tune below:

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