Nov 27, 2013
Amsterdam’s Trouw To Close In 2015

In a statement published on their website, Amsterdam’s famed Trouw nightclub has announced that it will be shuttering its windows in 2015, but not before going out with a bang that you will have to attend to see.

The first big change coming to Trouw before its ultimate closure is a camera ban for the entirety of 2014. The club had this to say about the decision:

We go the club to lose ourselves in the music, to escape our daily activities and to together form a temporary family for one night in the club. Therefore, we hope that everyone will disregard their phone/camera more frequently and enjoy the moment to the fullest. We hope that when the cameras are gone, a feeling will emerge whereby everyone can do, act and wear whatever he/she pleases. What happens in Trouw, stays in Trouw.

Additionally, in an effort to bring back the spontaneity and freedom of a night of clubbing, Trouw will be ceasing pre-sale tickets for regular club nights.

Currently, we’re witnessing that a lot of popular events sell out completely in presale, which automatically excludes a lot of people. But possibly of even greater importance: the excitement surrounding the nights, the spontaneity and the freedom are being jeopardized. In the last year we want to make sure that we don’t become part of this hype. We want people to come to Trouw for the artists, the music and the freedom.

Tickets will still be sold in advance for larger nights, and the club will also be implementing an online system where you can check the situation at the door before heading over.

(Via: Resident Advisor)