Jun 12, 2014
Amazon Launches Music Streaming Service

Retail giant Amazon joined the online music streaming trend today with their new service Prime Music, which offers unlimited ad-free streaming, currently includes over 1 million songs, and is free for existing Amazon Prime customers.

It’s an obvious addition to the company’s Prime service, which has become a major player in the movie streaming and e-book lending market, and currently costs $99 per year. But it’s a bold move in an already crowded market, with services such as Spotify and Beats offering a far larger selection of tracks for a similar price. In addition, the Seattle Times reports that Universal Music, the largest of the three major labels, has not signed up–though Amazon is working hard to change that–and the service is currently focusing on back catalogues rather than new releases.

Amazon hopes their major advantage will be their nearly 250 million active accounts, including the 20 million existing Prime customers. In an ever-growing market, it remains to be seen whether Prime Music will become a major player. Get more info and sign up here.

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