Oct 15, 2012
Always On The Rise
Simon Patterson - Always (Jordan Suckley Remix) [Night Vision]

In 2008 and 2009, at the height of big-room tech trance fever, Simon Patterson rode to the top of the genre with a consistently solid sound that rocked dance floors and festivals for months on end. This year–as his personal label Night Vision continues to churn out single after quality single in the same vein of style–fellow techy UK producer Jordan Suckley revisits those glory days with a brand new remix of 2009 Patterson hit Always.

The problem when it comes to revisiting older tracks—especially ones that aren’t much older—is that people have had time to become opinionated about them. It’s not as if this remix came out side-by-side the original Always and got equal consideration and airplay. Always is only three years old, so the contrast isn’t as dramatic as the conundrum of overhauling a decade-old classic (which seems to be happening quite a lot in recent times), but that unmistakable vocal sample and main melody haven’t had time to fade from our minds completely, either.

Jordan Suckley really rises to the occasion on this one. Not only does he successfully include everything melodic about Always that Patterson fans remember and love, he manages to get into that narrow middle ground between staying faithful to the original and not changing it enough to make the remix sound unique. The bassline is still techy, to be sure, but it definitely has a fresher, more multi-layered sound than the ubiquitous pounding 2009 tech bass that’s still often used today. Consider this track on loop, exclusively at Beatport.

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