Nov 05, 2014
‘Venture’ Into Strange Territory With Alvin Risk
Alvin Risk - Alone (Original Mix) [Memory/ETHER]
Alvin Risk - Dark Heart (Original Mix) [Memory/ETHER]
Alvin Risk - Safe (Original Mix) [Memory/ETHER]
Alvin Risk - Monsters (Original Mix) [Memory/ETHER]
Alvin Risk - Wave (Original Mix) [Memory/ETHER]

Pack your survival gear, duck out of work early, and escape with Alvin Risk‘s latest EP, Venture, made available for free today with an impressive display of self-sung vocals and all-original productions.

Risk embarks on the five-item Venture EP with its first reveal, Alone, which sees us set out on foot at a steadily increasing pace through a strange and terrifying electro-jersey jungle. He cuts through the brush with laser-sharp slices, brandishing his sonic machete at the indigenous creatures besetting our path on all sides. We make our way to a solemn ceremony of sorts in Dark Heart, dominated by a slow-burning R&B rhythm and the impassioned cries of the tribe as we find ourselves singing along with their pleas aimed at the sky.

Rejuvenated by the spiritual experience, we set back out guided by Risk’s quick, steady pace in track three, a relative of the British 2-step garage family and one of the more exotic creatures we encounter on the trip. No sooner than we become familiar with Safe, a foreboding sound emerges near the end to warn of something approaching from the distance.

Monsters arrive in droves, however without physical form, to force our party to deal with the inner demons that prompted our very expedition. While lighthearted on the surface, Monsters deals in dark emotions and rejection however with a hopeful demeanor that carries us out of the fray with a fresh outlook.

We reach our final destination with Wave: a towering cliff surrounded with the sounds of Risk’s mesmerizing melodic dubstep moving with the flow of the ocean below. Dive in? Oh, yeah.

Overall, Venture makes for an enjoyable excursion into some of the lesser known realms of rhythm. It’s full of diverse creatures both strange and familiar and an invigorating sign of hope for where electronic music is headed on its own uncharted journey.

Tune in to Reddit Nov. 11 for an Ask Me Anything with Venture‘s creator to celebrate the EP’s official release, and pick up your free download of the EP via the BitTorrent Bundle below:

Alvin Risk Venture EP

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