Dec 10, 2015
Alvin Risk Debuts On Fool’s Gold With Beastly ‘Beastmode’ EP

The recently quiet Alvin Risk smashes back into the spotlight with Beastmode, a two-track on Fool’s Gold that has nothing to do with Marshawn Lynch.

For his first Fool’s Gold showing, Risk hits the hip hop-influenced imprint with a breaks cut on the A-side, complete with a throwback breakdown and vocals from Hodgy Beats, a member of California-based hip hop collective Odd Future, aka Odd Future (Wolf Gang Kill Them All) or OFWGKTA. Originally titled In The Dust Of This Planet, the track was renamed Beastmode by Hodgy, who told Complex when asked for comment that he was “Smoking on that paak, Anderson, Anthony, Hamilton, triple entendres,” whatever that means.

It’s classic Alvin Risk theatrics on the B-side, The Kingdom, an animalistic electro house jump with a hint of trance and that heaping helping of epic storytelling that has become his MO.

Pick up Beastmode, along with The Kingdom, from Fool’s Gold Dec. 11.

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