Jul 29, 2013
AlunaGeorge Releases Body Music
AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love (Original Mix) [Island]
AlunaGeorge - We Are Chosen (Original Mix) [Island]
AlunaGeorge - Lost & Found (Original Mix) [Island]

Somehow the lines of futuristic pop and ’90s era R&B have been seamlessly merged by UK’s breakout band AlunaGeorge. The duo, consisting of vocalist Aluna Francis and producer George Reid, has just released their long-anticipated debut Body Music on Island Records, a shining example of straddling the line of infectious pop, indie dance and sultry slow jams; all done with a light, whimsical touch reminiscent of eccentric producers like Timbaland or The Neptunes.

With tracks like You Know You Like It and Your Drums, Your Love floating around the interweb for the last few months, Body Music has felt like a long time in the making. Now that it’s released, we’re happy to find an entire album of genre-challenging, easily digestible gems.

Aluna’s vocals innocently slink around the entire album. They’re sad, pouty and heartwarming all at the same time. George’s beats are equally as mesmerizing and seem to float weightlessly into space. Eccentric yet coherent, each track has its own personality while remaining consistent. Whirling organs, crackling percussion and chirpy vocal shifts are scattered across the entire album, perhaps most potently in We Are Chosen. Water drops and chip tunes pop up on Lost & Found, the album’s standout 2-step track. The rest is what you’d expect: shiny bits of glitchy manipulation, sultry vocals and head-bobbing indie goodness.

The pair only missed the mark a few times on Body Music. We probably could have done with out the light disco of Kaleidoscope Love or their overtly weird re-imagining of Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It, but for a debut release, the album was overall spot on. Body Music is polished enough for mainstream radio while remaining fiercely creative and independent. AlunaGeorge challenged the status quo of pop music and won big time with this one.

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