Jun 22, 2012
Alpine Melodies
Fast Distance - Alpine (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
Fast Distance - Alpine (Karanda Remix) [Digital Society]
Fast Distance - Alpine (Paul Pearson Remix) [Digital Society]

“Epic” is a word that’s been overused for years by now, but Alpine earns it in spades this time around. Belgian producer Fast Distance, a staple of uplifting trance, takes off with this diverse single on Enhanced imprint Digital Society. Fast Distance’s original mix is a solid, driving uplifter with a lead in the break that holds its own with all the gravity and fanfare of a guitar solo—instead of falling back on a trite trance pluck as many uplifting tracks are wont to do, the melody keeps climbing and climbing.

A remix from British duo Karanda is much more laid-back and kicks the track down a few notches to prog trance territory with a bassline that reverberates in your bones. An early break plays with the rise and fall of energy in the track very effectively, setting up for a second break later on in the track which brings it back to another, more intense high. The Paul Pearson remix is also proggy, but bouncier and lighter than the Karanda mix. What’s particularly satisfying about this release is that every single mix sounds unique, which is not always the case in trance single releases these days, even though remixes are meant to offer different flavors of the same theme. The mixes in Alpine can definitely stand alone on their own merits and hold their own against each other.

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