Sep 09, 2012
Alpha Dogs
Fabio Lendrum - Anything's Possible (Cookie Monsta Remix) [Big Beat]
Fabio Lendrum - Out The Water (501 Remix) [Big Beat]
Fabio Lendrum - Out The Water (Mikkas & Husman Remix) [Big Beat]

After nearly five years in the music industry, UK native Fabio Lendrum has released his highly anticipated debut EP, Alpha, on Big Beat Records. The EP features two originals, both of which demonstrate the true diverse production abilities of Lendrum, and a handful of heavy remixes brought forth by Cookie Monsta, 501, Mikkas & Husman, and Walden. His first single, Out The Water, is a subtle progressive masterpiece featuring beautifully strung chords, while Anything’s Possible takes on more of an electro feel with its rising melody and underlying gritty bassline.

Although Lendrum’s original mixes are more than adequate, the remixes by the aforementioned artists are the highlight of the EP. Alpha gets its dubstep makeover from non other than long-time Circus favorite Cookie Monsta and Helsinki native 501. Cookie Monsta adds his usual filthy, screeching synths, turning Anything’s Possible into a full on dub onslaught. 501 puts his own spin on the once progressive Out The Water, strapping an infectious melody to a deep Nero-esque bass to create an epic, yet beautifully orchestrated dubstep tune. His unique high pitched melodies and flawless song structure have developed from his experience in writing and playing music for numerous bands prior to his career in electronic dance music.

For the progressive lover, Mikkas & Husman give us a jacked up version of Out The Water as it showcases the fusion of their two very different, yet complementary sounds. Finally, Walden continues his tear through 2012 with a remix equipped with the beautiful progressing keys and explosive drops we have come to expect from the young Australian prodigy. Make sure to pick up this killer EP on Beatport.

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