Dec 19, 2013
All That Yolanda Be Cool Wants Is Another Banger

If you’re anything like us, dear reader, you almost certainly have fond childhood memories of cruising in circles around your local roller skating rink while the pizza-faced DJ/somebody’s mom spun all the bangers from Quad City DJs, Salt ‘N’ Pepa, Technotronic, and of course, Ace of Base. Heck, maybe you even got your first peck on the cheek during The Sign from that cutie who lived around the block–no judgement here.

For their latest single, Aussie duo Yolanda Be Cool decided to update All That She Wants, Ace of Base’s darker, moodier hit that contains more than a few lyrics that probably confused you as a kid. And this is no mere edit or remix–it’s a full-on reinterpretation. For vocal duties, YBC enlisted the help of former Azari & III singers SYF and Fritz Helder, who make their first appearances here since that group disbanded.

“The song is a classic and brought us back to a more innocent time,” the singers said. “The collaboration process, however, was a journey from light to dark. We started with an up tempo vision, but as fate would have it, the darker more mysterious side of the song took hold and we all ran with it.”

All That She Wants is out Feb. 4 via Dim Mak Records, who promise remixes from Human Life, Plastic Plates, Walker & Royce, Wordlife, and Go Free.

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