Aug 25, 2012
All Tangled Up
Tangle - Fracture (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]
Tangle - Shadow Play (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

We’re more familiar with Tangle as one half of Tangle & Mateusz (pictured, Tangle on left), a Denver-based American duo who have had releases this year on Lange Recordings and High Contrast Nu Breed. This time, though, Tangle has struck out on his own in the double release Fracture / Shadow Play, proggy little numbers well-suited to the style of Lange Recordings.

Fracture and Shadow Play are both short and sweet, clocking in close to 6 minutes each; they share quirky vocal samples and dirty, almost electro-leaning basslines. Fracture practically chainsaws away at your ears with its leads, while Shadow Play is only slightly more merciful—and that’s a good thing. I’d say that neither of them have particularly inspired-sounding breaks—though I like the break of Shadow Play better—but for club-worthy leads and sheer danceability, Fracture / Shadow Play is definitely worth a spin.

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