Jan 25, 2012
All On His Own
Gerry Read - All By Myself (Original Mix) [Fourth Wave]
Gerry Read - What A Mess (Original Mix) [Fourth Wave]

There are many exciting things to say about Gerry Read. One of them is that he is only 19 years old. A second is his secretive nature, owning no Facebook page and only ever appearing in blurred pictures. Another is that he has already collaborated with Kevin McPhee, one of the most promising producers to emerge from Toronto’s bass scene in the last few years. However, perhaps the most vital of these exciting things is that in a career stretching over only one year we have already witnessed his sound mutate and evolve, each successive release refracting some lost light from the annals of dance history as it passes through the prism of this young man’s talent. From disco to acid, dubstep to kosmische, Gerry’s catalog of influences reads like someone’s twice his age.

Much like Read’s previous offerings, his latest 12″ on Fourth Wave will inevitably earn the nebulous “bass music” tag, but upon listening it becomes apparent that All By Myself and What a Mess have little in common with garage or funky. Instead they are swirling, Detroit-inspired experiments, grooves and samples wallowing in a hypnotic broth of hissing cymbals. What makes this haze so compelling are the fleeting moments of clarity, as on All By Myself when the obscuring elements gradually peel away leaving the unsettling vocals unfettered, free to burrow deep into your subconscious.

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