Oct 20, 2010
All in the Family
Redroche - Family (Original Mix) [Catwalk]
Redroche feat Laura Kidd - Give U More (Afrojack Remix) [Eyezcream]

Canada-born brothers Antoine (pictured) and Gio, known together as Redroche, first broke into the music industry in 2003 with the hopes of building a record label from the ground up. Now it’s years later and their music label, Eyezcream Recordings, has seen chart-topping singles as well as support from artists such as Pete Tong, Laidback Luke, and Erick Morillo. I bet it’s nice having an internationally known music label, but apparently for these brothers that wasn’t enough. After seeing Eyezcream Recordings really start to boom, the two eventually hit the studio to churn out club bangers of their own.

First I bring you Family, one of Redroche’s earlier original productions. Not only does this track exemplify the crisp and original production skills from the Canadian duo, but it comes off as one of those songs that carries its own unique characteristics and personality. As a listener, I truly get the sense that all of the notes are gracefully doing a synchronized dance amongst themselves in an almost “Alice in Wonderland”-like manner.

The second track I bring to you, Afrojack’s remix of Give U More, is a more recent showing from Redroche that not only highlights their unique production ideas, but also shows that Afrojack can do more than bring us Dutch horns. The track carries a worldly sound–a trait too many songs are bold enough to boast, but Give U More actually does it in style. Just when you begin getting comfortable with the rhythmic plucking of strings in this song, the track takes a complete 180, dropping into an intense bass-driven groove. This is the quality and originality I expect when two names like Redroche and Afrojack come together.

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