Aug 05, 2011
All Hell Breaks Loose
Nhato vs Hedonist - Raise (Original Mix) [Hellhouse]

With a mission to release “techno-infused hard dance,” how could I not pay attention? Yoji’s Hellhouse Recordings does not mess around when they release a track, so who could be surprised when a track came from this label that combined LT3 favorite Nhato with an artist that goes by the name of Hedonist? Yes, Raise is pretty much the opposite of subtlety, displayed both in sound and artwork (pictured above).

Raise seriously is its own genre; I couldn’t cleanly classify it if I tried, as it isn’t like anything I’ve heard before. Percolating drums and glitchy big room synths all of a sudden fall into a sizzling drop that would likely raise Lazarus. The truly Nhato-esque part comes at around 3:05, where Eastern chord patterns and an almost Classical touch come into play, before all hell breaks loose again. Fasten your seatbelts.

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