Apr 10, 2011
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Sharam feat Anousheh Khalili - Fun (Funhouse Mix) [Yoshitoshi]
Pig & Dan - Detonate (Sharam's Crazi Remix) [Yoshitoshi]

If you’re a long time fan of house music, then odds are you know about Deep Dish, the legendary duo that consists of Dubfire and Sharam. After leaving their mark on EDM with their music and label Yoshitoshi Recordings, both DJs decided to go their separate ways to pursue solo careers, and both have been very successful. Sharam Tayebi, or just “Sharam,” continues to wow audiences with his stunning live shows and milestone achievements, including winning the coveted Essential Mix of the Year in 2009. I think it’s about time we checked in to see what the legendary house producer has been up to, no?

His most recent releases on Yoshitoshi include an uplifting vocal collaboration called Fun and a deep, dark techno remix of Pig & Dan’s Detonate. Both songs are amazing in their own right, and allow Sharam to showcase his talent on two very different genres of EDM. The first song, Fun, features Anousheh Khalili, who you might remember from Deep Dish’s iconic song, Flashdance. Despite the title of the song, the lyrics talk about the unfolding of a relationship and the loss we’ve all experienced from heartbreak. Even though the lyrics themselves aren’t all that cheery, Khalili’s voice combined with Sharam’s production sounds absolutely amazing. I don’t think I’ve heard a vocal track this heartfelt (and catchy) in a good while. So, it was no wonder that it got selected as one of Pete Tong’s Essential Selections this month. Sharam’s talent definitely gleams on this track.

Switching gears, Sharam’s newest remix of labelmates Pig & Dan is a dark techno masterclass. Aptly named “Sharam’s Crazi Remix,” this song takes you on a minimal journey. The gradual buildup of the song is a testament to his patience. Shifting basslines, eerily sophisticated sampling, and just the right amount of reverb really make it sound great. This all encroaches upon the latter part of the song, when we get to the buildup and then get smacked with a heavy bass drop at 6:50. Wonderfully executed.

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