Dec 17, 2015
Alison Wonderland Remixes Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean’ Into A Future Bass Bomb
Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean (Alison Wonderland Remix)

As Alison Wonderland’s forthcoming tour draws near, the pleasantly undulating jungle of boom that is her remix of Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean promises that those sets should be quite exciting.

The Biebs’ swinging future bass ballad gets its xylophone-style synths coupled in a manner that quickens the track’s tempo. Impressively, once the clapping trap-style build is slid under, then over, the established melody, magic happens. The result is a glistening and turnt-up energy that consumes every fiber of the original production and turns the song into a peak-hour crowd crusher.

Stream this soulful-yet-bombastic blast of a track above.

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