Aug 19, 2014
Alex Metric’s Heartwarming ‘Heart Weighs A Ton’ Video

Follow a 60-year-old aspiring stage performer as he follows his dreams of dancing his heavy heart away to honor the lost love of his life in Alex Metric‘s Heart Weighs A Ton video.

Directed by Jack Wagner and Zach Shields, the visual accompaniment perfectly reflects the tune’s themes of perseverance and dedication founded in love as the quirky widower Glenn Bruno of Los Angeles waltzes back into life with the purpose of becoming a professional dancer in honor of his late wife Robin.

Inventory control can’t hold him down in the end, and he trades his stock warehouse for one filled with lights and plenty of dancefloor dreams to be made reality. Watch the video below, and pick up Heart Weighs A Ton here on Beatport via OWSLA/Big Beat.

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