Jul 16, 2014
Hear Alesso ‘Tear The Roof Up’ In Def Jam Debut
Alesso - Tear The Roof Up (Original Mix) [Def Jam]

Alesso stepped back into the big room game under a new label July 15 with Tear The Roof Up, but not to contribute to the abundance of indiscernible, brass-synth “bangers” of comparable style.

For his first solo release since 2012’s Clash, Alesso skips the Dutch marching band sound and the wet cave sound, instead opting for something more along the lines of three fellow Swedes. Alesso’s Greyhoud-reminiscent lead pulsates forward alternately sharing the sonic spotlight with the heavy bass and kicks and giving the track a progressive side to its big room energy.

Alesso shies away from the archetypal vocals as well, using a rugged male voice in lieu of a female or something utterly indistinguishable as human after being pitched down. While the cheese level still gets dangerously high during the part about “getting loud in the ‘boof,'” the vocal turns out to be a strong characteristic, helping to add some spine to the track and, hopefully, highlight aggression’s useful application in his and his peers’ chosen medium.

Like leaders of genres should, Alesso pushes the envelope a bit with his latest, which finally didn’t make me say, “oh, great, this again. At least the melody is slightly different.” This is what we’re going to require out of artists of the ubiquitous big room sound if they’d like their tracks to survive past the summer.

In addition to the promising direction in sound, Alesso assures loads more music on his new home of Def Jam.

No release date yet, but check back “soon.”

alesso tear the roof up

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