Oct 10, 2014
Alesso Sets ‘Heroes’ Free In Official Video

Alesso stars in the official video for his melodic big room-progressive jam Heroes featuring Tove Lo as the Earth-walking angel (she is).

Our story starts in a dark prison for kids who are such bold individuals and misunderstood by their parents that they get locked up like the misfits they are because nobody understands them, especially the super lame establishment. So Alesso’s one of the doctors or scientists or something, and he’s walking by their cells making fun of them in his head like he does at the end of every day when he sees Love To and goes, “man, that angel-lookin’ one is actually kinda hot.” So he breaks her out of the X-Men school, and they head to the roof for their first date–a hand-in-hand lovers’ suicide–except Alesso totally forgets she has wings and he doesn’t. Luckily, it was all a dream and he was just taking a nap on a smashed car after a quick street fight–just another day for Alesso.

Pick up Heroes here.

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