Mar 13, 2014
Alesia Debuts New Song Via Splice

As technology and the art of creating electronic music continues to evolve, new programs and styles of production continue to emerge. These platforms give producers more creative freedom to put together whatever their minds are capable of conjuring up. Splice, a music collaboration platform that is currently in beta, happens to be a perfect example of this exact idea.

The idea behind Splice is to essentially create a way for artists to collaborate on a project and include a nice, concise way of communicating what each person has done–like GitHub for music. As more and more artists collaborate over the Internet by sending project files back and forth, Splice helps to eliminate the confusion and guesswork over what each person has changed or added to the project.

Now for some music. OWSLA’s dark techno duo Alesia has put together an exclusive demo and project file that was created using Splice. The track is similar to many of those on the duo’s techno-garage Andrea EP that was released late last year. The beauty behind creating the new track with Splice lies in the way Alesia is able to share the Splice project with other producers and even fans to give them a glimpse into what their production methods are like. It’s a truly unique perspective and should should help to usher in a new era of electronic music collaboration.

Check out the exclusive Splice track by Alesia here and make sure to register for the beta. Splice is currently available for Ableton on Mac with Windows and Logic support coming soon.

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