Jul 10, 2014
Akouo’s ‘Return To’ Amazing
#1 Dads feat. Tom Snowdon - Return To (Akouo Remix)

It’s no secret that we can’t get enough of Australian electronic music. One of the hottest in the game at the moment is Akouo, who has caught our attention once again with a highly affecting remix of #1 Dads’ recent single, Return To.

Falling somewhere between indie electronica and hip hop, Return To is both chill and blithely upbeat, and yet at the same time it also carries a subtle, underlying feeling of loss and yearning. A haunting, nostalgic piano sets the mood immediately, before an evocative vocal sample and wistful synths transport the listener on a groovy and futuristic trip. In layman’s terms, the song is incredible. Free download here.

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