Mar 29, 2014
Akouo Gets ‘Closer’ To Perfection
Thief - Closer (Akouo Remix)

We’re not sure what the Australians are putting in their water, but we want some. Tasmanian producer Akouo returns with a “bleepstep” remix of Thief’s electro pop gem Closer, and if you’re a fan of Flume or Wave Racer you will definitely want to check this one out.

Combining a hip hop beat with futuristic synths, pristine vocal samples, and throbbing hand claps, Akouo delivers an upbeat and unique jam that is both mellow and aggressive at the same time. One listen to the flawless and fervent buildup had me on my feet grooving to the beat, and I expect it to have the same effect on you. Free download here.

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