Apr 17, 2014
a/jus/ted ‘Ace’ Their Blood Orange Remix

Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, produces tracks that are almost too flawless to mess with. However, you would be hard-pressed to find a more capable duo than New York’s a/jus/ted (pictured), who’ve offered up their own take on Hynes’ Uncle Ace.

Made up of producers Justin Strauss and Teddy Stuart, a/jus/ted is a well-weaved combination of veteran and up-and-coming engineering. While Strauss has been spinning and remixing for the past three decades, Stuart (also known as Eddie Mars) has only recently established himself as a staple in New York dance culture.

The duo take Blood Orange’s funk-infused Uncle Ace and turn it into a rapturous nine-minute dance track. Replacing electric guitar riffs with sweeping, retro synth, this piano-driven remix takes Blood Orange into a darker, more provocative dimension–and beyond.

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