Dec 06, 2011
After the Sun Goes Down
Chris Lake - Sundown (Original Mix) [Ultra]
Chris Lake - Sundown (Lazy Rich Remix) [Ultra]
Chris Lake - Sundown (Laidback Luke Remix) [Ultra]

That’s right, the great Chris Lake has returned with yet another banger to add to his already jam-packed onslaught of hits. Landing a spot on mega-label Ultra Records, Sundown is a house smasher that will be heard throughout the new year and into the spring festival season. Mr. Lake has an uncanny ability of whittling songs down to their bare essentials, hardly ever leaving any superfluous elements in his tracks and instead focusing on the groove and the ebb and flow of energy. With this track in particular, within a few seconds you’ll be locked into the soundscape created simply by a driving bassline and crisp drums, later leading to acoustic guitar strums and beautifully mixed vocals. What the buildup lacks in length is made up for with an abundantly groovy drop that will have casual and seasoned EDM listeners tapping their feet instantaneously. Another slam dunk for a personal favorite producer of mine; It feels good, man.

The release also came with two particularly breakthrough remixes, my favorite of which comes to us courtesy of Lazy Rich, a man who has seen love on LessThan3 since our launch. When I spoke to him in person a few weeks ago, he called this remix his greatest work to date. While it’s hard for me to sort this among his other incredible productions, I can quickly tell why he said that: his remix takes the original and adds a proper dose of funk–speaking right to the soul of Rich’s tastes. He also adds some big synth leads in his more elaborate buildups that scream “anthem,” and his drops hit hard just where I like it. Keep a close on eye on Lazy Rich and his label Big Fish in 2012–they’re due to make an even bigger splash in the electro scene.

I’ve got to say I haven’t been the biggest fan of Laidback Luke in recent months, both in terms of production and DJing. But at LessThan3 we always give credit where it’s due, and this time the man is certainly due great accolades for his remix of Sundown. His take is distinctive LBL, and proudly dons the label “big room” in big bold letters. Certain sections are much more melodically embellished than the original, while the drops are downright raw and sexy. Expect to hear a good deal of this one at New Years parties across the globe at the end of 2011.

So what’s the best part of all this? Turns out Sundown is only the first single from a forthcoming album of the great Chris Lake. Aww, hell yeah!

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