Jan 02, 2014
Afrojack Previews Latest, ‘Musician’

Afrojack wasted no time getting his 2014 going by releasing the preview of his latest production, Musician, to SoundCloud Jan. 1.

Quite minimalistic in nature compared with his past works, Musician kicks off with a simple synth melody later joined by little more than some clapping and a faint background bassline that fades as we approach the build. A vocal sample argues “Musician,” and introduces a kick drum to our modest plate of sound elements until returning one last time to remind us of Afrojack’s chosen career and usher in the drop.

Although it packs some energy and a heavy thump, penning a new melody and plugging in the same reverberated kick drum pattern we’ve spent the last year raging to does not an imaginative new single make. In its current state, Musician doesn’t necessarily fall short of the Afrojack we’ve heard in the past, but it surely doesn’t build much atop the growth his sound has seen during his steep rise to fame over the past 12 months. Here’s hoping this preview will get a little more love from Mr. van de Wall before the release date, which has yet to be announced, along with his debut album.

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