Jan 05, 2014
Afrojack Destroys Subwoofers At Hollywood Nightclub
Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Afrojack Remix)

Create was arguably the hottest nightclub to spend the final days of 2013, as Afrojack music invaded Hollywood on Sunday night for the first time in three months. After a high-energy opening by Apster, dancers took the stage waving Dutch flags to welcome Afrojack as hundreds of fans illuminated the venue with their iPhone LEDs.

The Dutchman performed a highly entertaining set of remixed classics and unreleased tracks, keeping everyone in euphoria for hours. While he played new tracks from his upcoming album, he didn’t give away the track names or collaborators, as he stated in an interview that making his new music available before the album release “would be like putting my own finger up my own ass.”

Unfortunately, the night wasn’t without glitches. During the playback of Afrojack’s Dragon Ball Z-inspired ID track, referred to as Kamehameha by fans, Create’s subwoofers went dead silent, taking away Create’s famous wall-shattering audio power. And as we learned from Ultra, Nick can’t stand it when audio problems derail his sets. “Can I have my subwoofers back please?” was soon followed by, “you guys need a new subwoofer.”

Despite the failing woofers, the Dutch rave-train took Create into the early hours and the sweat drenched crowd went home thoroughly entertained. While the details of the upcoming album are a closely guarded secret, the crowd’s fantastical reaction to Afrojack’s new productions is a reflection of the exciting things to come, so be on the lookout as it drops on Island Def Jam early this year.

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