Sep 02, 2015
Aeroplane Shares Soaring New EP ‘Page One Is Love’
Aeroplane - Page One Is Love (Original Mix) [Eskimo]
Aeroplane - Dancing With Each Other (Original Mix) [Eskimo]
Aeroplane - Page One Is Love (CASSARA Remix) [Eskimo]
Aeroplane - Dancing With Each Other (Ten Ven Remix) [Eskimo]

Vito de Luca, known to most as Aeroplane, releases his Page One Is Love EP, which includes a couple elegant new originals and the message, “if life is a book, page one is love.”

de Luca shared new material from his house-centric side project Flush in July’s Come Back Baby. He keeps his disco and house roots at the forefront of his Aeroplane project as well with the EP’s title track and Dancing With Each Other, which, while both are follow-ups to the lilting synth-happy number Let’s Get Slow, take a less pop-oriented approach.

Proving that “less is more,” Luca’s simple chord progressions drive the track against rich, self-made vocal clips. He shares on the Eskimo SoundCloud page that he couldn’t find a vocal sample that worked with his production, so instead decided to make it himself.

The tracks rely on a traditional house rhythm, with Page One Is Love taking a heavy-handed piano direction, while Dancing With Each Other gets funkier with Luca’s impeccable synth lines. Though the house rhythm is a prevalent element throughout the tracks, each production factors in well-placed interludes to break the tension and showcase Luca’s seemingly infinite creativity when it comes to crafting dance floor anthems.

Grab the Page One Is Love EP, with remixes from CASSARA and Ten Ven, now via Eskimo here.

Aeroplane page one is love

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