Jun 02, 2013
Adam K & Frederik Mooij Look In The Mirror
Adam K & Frederik Mooij - In A Mirror (Original Mix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]

Adam K (pictured, left) is selective to say the least when choosing who to produce his famed progressive sound with. Before this month the exclusivity of this club was limited to only three other producers: BT, Soha, and Kaskade–each time producing mega-hits such as Tomahawk, Twilight, and Raining, respectively.

This time he’s gotten with Frederik Mooij (pictured, right), who runs Loudroom, an electro house label based out of Monterrey, Mexico, and Adam K has him on board to produce–progressive? Somehow, In A Mirror works, and this is Adam K’s best work since his Soha days. This is truly no frills music, intended for club play and for festival DJs that want to take you deeper.

There are a few more songs from this duo that are in the pipeline, and Mooij is about to fly back to Canada to follow up with even more momentous work. If you dig the tune, In A Mirror is available on Beatport for purchase today.

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