Dec 29, 2013
Ad Brown & Shawn Mitiska On The ‘Pulse’
Ad Brown & Shawn Mitiska - Pulse (Original Mix) [Black Hole]

It’s often said that simple is better when it comes to a musical hook, the “catchiness” of a track often being key to its success. That’s exactly what British trance veteran Ad Brown (pictured) and Denver based producer Shawn Mitiska have managed to achieve with their debut collaboration on Black Hole.

Pulse was originally featured on Ad Brown’s album Something For The Pain and is now available in its full form. It’s one of those tracks that is a rare example of how important arrangement is, because it manages to run the gamut between driving, progressive, and uplifting, all via a few memorable chords. There’s no screaming break and pounding drop; it’s simple yet profound, something very few tracks can manage.

Pulse is out now on Beatport.

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