Sep 30, 2011
Acid Riffs
Coyote Kisses - Acid Wølfpack

A year into the explosion of dubstep, it’s getting apparent that a lot of things have been done already. So many arrangements of face-melting bass have been mustered by countless talented minds into thousands of heavy bombs. After a year of destruction, it’s clear why the most cutting-edge sounds of the genre have taken a distinct preference for melody over bass. As Datsik put it in our interview with him, “if you can get a crowd going off of melodies, it’s almost better than making some ridiculous, filthy bass.”

With that premise in mind, we got a new track from Coyote Kisses. If you caught Dick’s intro post on them, you know what they’re all about. If you have high expectations of them, that’s okay; get ready to have them shattered anyways. When Acid Wølfpack drops, you’ll get legit face-melted by a power riff of absolute sickness. That’s the song in a nutshell–a bright electric guitar rainbow arching across a sky of thundering bass and stepbeats. If you’re into these hero rookies, be sure to check out their SoundCloud.

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