Apr 09, 2014
Acid Arab Releases Hypnotic Remix of Tiga’s ‘Fever’
Tiga vs. Audion - Fever (Acid Arab Remix) [Turbo]

Tiga released his hypnotic techno banger Fever last month, from his forthcoming album with co-producer Audion. Today, Parisian duo Acid Arab have released a manic new mix of the track.

Known for fusing Eastern and Western music together in their songs, producers Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho continue to blur the lines of modern dance music with their remix of Fever. Off-kilter mixes of burning bass and rapid-fire synth are set against a tapestry of Eastern-styled string samples and sinister vocal tracks.

Acid Arab released the Acid Arab Collections compilation last year in an effort to showcase the influence of traditional Eastern dance music on Western EDM.

The Fever single is out April 20. Download the track for free via SoundCloud here.

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