Dec 07, 2011
Above & Beyond's Winning Formula
Above & Beyond - Formula Rossa (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Above & Beyond - Formula Rossa (Jaytech Remix) [Anjunabeats]

Just before their UK tour in support of their new album Group Therapy, trance supergroup Above & Beyond have released a new single for the trance world called Formula Rossa. Premiered on Anjunabeats Vol. 9, the track has now been officially released by Anjunabeats with the full original as well as a Jaytech remix.

When LessThan3 approached the group about the track, A&B member Jono stated: “Having finished our album, which is all about the songs, Formula Rossa is a club track written purely for the dancefloor. Rather than having a traditional riff as the climax, the climax is all about the buildup.” We couldn’t agree more with his sentiments, as the track takes a cool six minutes to build up before the drop, but in that six minutes is a sea of swirling melodies that these guys are well-known for. The track straddles the line between trance and progressive fairly well, while the Jaytech remix has its feet planted a bit more firmly in progressive territory, with a more mellow, albeit darker sound.

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