May 01, 2013
Breaking Bad With Above & Beyond
Above & Beyond - Walter White (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]

As the Group Therapy brand continues to thunder on, Above & Beyond are starting to show signs of reaching a new sphere of influence, whereby the gravity from their last album is slowly giving way to what may be to come. Their latest single isn’t a Group Therapy track, but it’s been doing the rounds since ABGT001 and finally receives a much-anticipated release.

Walter White is named for the Breaking Bad character, and like its namesake, it’s deep, dark, and dirty but with an underlying sense of humanity and emotion. The intro, with its dirty bass and techy house groove, has a minimalist feel to it, but the break is where things start to change. The musical abilities of the trio stand out with a stunning instrumental section that could hold its own as an album track. Things change again when we’re treated to some massive Sun & Moon style synth stabs, which continue into a drop that has the dirty groove of the intro with the melody still keeping things distinctly within the realms of trance.

Much like Walter himself, it’s a track which is hard to work out at first, but is another example of Above & Beyond’s diversity when it comes to making dance music. They’ve firmly established themselves as producers who can destroy a venue the size of a small country, yet as songwriters they still create music that can move the individual. Walter White is out now on Beatport.

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