Nov 04, 2013
Above & Beyond Premieres ‘Mariana Trench’

On Oct. 26, the world was at hand for the broadcast of the 50th episode of the weekly radio show known as Group Therapy, hosted by legendary trance producers Above & Beyond. During the milestone broadcast in London, they premiered three brand-new original productions, and one of them, titled Mariana Trench, has been recorded for your listening pleasure. I’m sure this isn’t a hard sell considering the group in question, but the track is more than worthy of repeat plays.

Mariana Trench starts out hard and fast with a pounding trance beat, but quickly transforms into the brilliant tranquility that Above & Beyond is famous for. No vocals, no cheap tricks, no worries. Close your eyes and let the sounds of love, loss, and life wash over your soul. It’s not the full extended version (stay tuned for that), but it should do the trick for now. If you haven’t heard it yet, or if you want to listen to it one more time, you can check out ABGT050 here.

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