Oct 15, 2013
Above & Beyond Go Acoustic With Skrillex Cameo In LA


Above & Beyond were one of the first DJ/producer outfits that I ever really got into, and their music has been a part of my life for almost six years now. My love and appreciation for the group hit a new level when I witnessed their rare and intimate acoustic performance last Saturday night at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

above & beyond greek theatre la

Their show was a magical wonder from beginning to end. In the eyes and smiles of all their fans, you could see the sheer joy and overflowing emotion. The legendary trance group brought with them a full ensemble of musicians and singers including, Zoë Johnston, to deliver their classic songs in acoustic form. Although Justine Suissa and Richard Bedford weren’t there, their sung words were beautifully reinterpreted by the young and talented Annie Drury and Alex Vargas, respectively.

Above & Beyond Acoustic Alex Vargas

For two nights, this historic event captured fans’ hearts forever. At the end of the first night, they performed two new unreleased songs, which they announced would be included on an album with acoustic versions of all the songs played that night. One of the final tracks that Tony McGuinness sang was especially emotional for him, and the crowd expressed their enormous gratitude with roaring applause afterward.

annie drury

An extra special moment took place on the second night when Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, was casually introduced as a fan of the track Black Room Boy after having witnessed the performance the night before. He then picked up a guitar and played along with the full band to the welcoming cheers of the audience (See Video Below). It’s moments like these that truly leave a lasting impact, and this night will not be soon forgotten.

skrillex above & beyond acoustic

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