Dec 18, 2013
Pre-Order Above & Beyond’s ‘Acoustic’

Above & Beyond released a stunning live video of the trio performing Love Is Not Enough acoustic at Porchester Hall to YouTube today in celebration of their forthcoming DVD and Acoustic album being made available for pre-order.

Joining the album on iTunes and the newly revamped Anjunastore is a special-edition, “photographic journal” DVD, which features 56 pages of images and written commentary by Jono, Paavo, and Tony to accompany the film itself. The album will be released on Jan. 28, and the DVD, available in various formats depending on your region, will be released Feb. 10. There’s also the added bonus of an exclusive free single download of the acoustic take on Love Is Not Enough for those who pre-order now at the links above.

And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, check out the tracklist for the LP and the stunning video of Love Is Not Enough live from Porchester Hall, below.

Above & Beyond – Acoustic LP
1. Miracle
2. You Got To Go
3. Satellite / Stealing Time
4. Thing Called Love
5. Can’t Sleep
6. Sun & Moon
7. Good For Me
8. Sirens Of The Sea
9. Love Is Not Enough
10. On A Good Day
11. Alone Tonight
12. Making Plans

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