Mar 19, 2015
Ableton Releases Guide For Producers

Music production software giant Ableton has released a guide to electronic music production titled Making Music — 74 Creative Strategies For Electronic Music Producers, and while the internet is full of endless production advice and tutorials, this is much more than some cobbled together PDF file.

The work of veteran composer and producer Dennis DeSantis, Making Music comes set in a beautifully bound hardback, though Kindle and iBook editions are also on the way. The key, however, is in the content. Rather than covering the technical aspects of production equipment and software, DeSantis takes a more philosophical approach, focusing on issues involving musical creativity. Fans of other DAWs need not feel ostracized, as the book makes no mention of Ableton’s flagship Live sequencer, and is aimed at anyone with a very basic knowledge of music production.

Priced at $30, the book is available via Ableton’s Making Music website, where you can also preview a generous amount of the content.

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