Sep 19, 2011
A Twist of Bass
Adele - Someone Like You (Bassex Bootleg)
Portugal The Man - Sleep Forever (Bassex Remix)
Bassex - Castration (Original Mix) [Play Me]

There’s been a bit of a bass craze going on in the EDM world, especially in the US, where newcomers to the scene are being drawn to the wobbles like moths to the light. Of course this phenomenon has caught the attention of new artists in the scene, who are now finding themselves gravitating towards dubstep in an effort to ride the wave, so to speak. Thankfully we have artists like Bassex who aren’t content with just the typical generic-sounding dubstep. Instead, he brings his west coast vibe along with a markedly more musical approach to the genre, the result of which is a set of unique tunes that has already grabbed the attention of Reid Speed, Cold Blank, and many more.

First up is my personal favorite, Bassex’ remix of Portugal The Man’s Sleep Forever. The beginning of the track certainly will have you sliding into an altered state of consciousness as a dreamy melody plays out under soothing vocals. Don’t get too comfy, though, as this track will do anything but put you to sleep; grinding wobbles interspersed among vocal repetitions are just what the doctor ordered for an overall polished and distinctive song. From there we move to Castration, which is best described as a battle of oscillators and lasers, with 2:14 marking a break in the action–a recounting of troops and repositioning before the final onslaught. Finally, we have Bassex’ newest bootleg of perhaps the most remixed artist in EDM today–Adele. Someone Like You is sure to be a huge crowd pleaser with its mix of melody and wobbly-electro synths. Together, these three tracks should give you a good taste of the Bassex sound. Go ahead, show him some love on his Facebook page.

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