Jan 27, 2011
A Trip To The Hood
Ludacris vs Joker & Ginz - How Purple Can You Go (The Hood Internet Mashup)

If glitch hop, chill dubstep, and hip hop combined to make a lovechild, How Purple Can You Go would undoubtedly be it. An incredible conglomeration of tracks, The Hood Internet has produced one truly unique mashup. Yet again we are shown just how much of a musical melting pot the world of EDM has become. Just take note of the names on this track: Joker, Ginz, and Ludacris. Umm…yeah. So just how good is it? Well, give yourself a listen–just make sure you’ve got plenty of room to get up and proceed to get down. Hard.

If you’re unfamiliar with Joker, I’d suggest you get acquainted right away, starting with Digidesign which Phange posted way back in July. The man has a truly unique style of chill dubstep that is worth checking out. And Ludacris–well, if you don’t know this guy you must be living under a rock. As one of my favorite rappers of all time, nothing makes me happier to hear his ridiculous flow mixed over new kinds of music. Gotta give it up for The Hood Internet on this one.

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